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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Speed, Time, and Distance

Today during the short science block we had time to talk about our homework. Our homework was to do all the questions of the paper Ms. D gave us (Speed Practice Problems). We talked about the answers and talked about how we need to use Formula - Plug - Chug and how we always need to write the formula and the units. If you didn't catch the answers here they are, but be sure to write the formula, the plug, and the chug:

  1. An opel car travels 736 km in 8 hours. What is the speed of the car at that time? S = 92 kmph
  2. If a horse travels 52 m in 3 minutes what is the rate of the horse? S = 17.33 mph
  3. A plane flew for 7.95 hours between Chicago and London, if its speed was 812.7 kmph what was its speed? D = 6460.57 km
  4. The speed of a lion going for a kill is 12 m/s. How much time will it take the lion to run 37 m? T = 3.08 seconds
  5. If a runner can go 3.25 m/s and runs for 2.32 hours during a race, what is the distance covered during the race? D = 27,144 m
  6. A balloon travels approximately at the speed of 46.9 kmph. Calculate the time in hours it takes to tracel 26,578.64 m. T = 0.57
If you lost your sheet you can find our home work sheet on moodle on this link: and on that link you can also find our next homework assignment. Our next homework is to do the other sheet, Speed Problems #2. The first two are easy, the second two to are getting harder and the last two you need to really concentrate. And remember the triangle: For distance multiply speed x time, for speed divide distance/time, and for time divide distance/speed. And remember Formula - plug - chug!

The next scribe is Emilija!


  1. Karin, I like your post, it's very easy to read, and purple is my favorite color, but I think that you should use more scientific vocabulary, and may be more pictures. Still, it's a good post.

  2. I think this is a good post. You clearly explained how to do Formula-Plug-Chug, and you have color and a picture. But I do think you need to improve on including scientific vocabulary and maybe you could have added how to find the answer to one of the six homework questions for futher example and explanation. Over all, pretty good post, but the thing is, if my memory is correct, under labels, aren't you supposed to have, "Scribe Post". Maybe not, i'm not sure, but maybe you should check with Ms.D or a classmate to be sure.

  3. Hi Karin,
    This is a brief but detailed summary of what you did in class, but you could have said what day this is done for. I liked that you kept the post simple and didn't use rainbow colors - purple was a good choice! For the questions, you could have added what the problems were and links to the documents on Moodle in case somebody was absent or lost the sheet. I think that it was excellent that you talked about the triangle, and I liked the picture. I also believe that Nathan is correct; under labels, you have to put Scribe Post as well as your first name and the topic of the post. Science class, though, does not need to be there because this is a science class blog. It was good that you put the "next scribe" section in bold so that it's easier to notice. All in all, this is an excellent post for being the first one of the year!!!

  4. Hey Karin, your post is good, but as Tamara said it needs more scientific vocabulary. Your post is very clear, and short and it explains what we did in class as well as the Formula-Plug-Chug! I like it but next time be sure to include some more writing about other stuff we did in class and more information overall. Good job! :)

  5. Hi Karin, I think this is a good post but it could use more scientific vocabulary. It is well organized and you used good English skills. Next time you could add more pictures. The part with the answer key is a good idea if someone didn't write the correct answer in class. You also could of put the formula we used to find the answers.
    Good Job;)

  6. Hey Karin i liked your blog used a picture that i think is a good idea. But i think if you use more information and and use mor scientific words and moore pitchers it will be much batter or the other thing you could do is is put videos because people all ways like to see videos. But after all it was good blog nice job. :)

  7. This is a very good post, but I think that you should change a couple of things. It is written too short and too common, without scientific words. You should divide it into sections. You should write the homework answers with the three steps so that other people can understand the procedure. You didn't explain the triangle so someone can think it is a geometric problem. The post is like a chat to one of your friends, but it should be more like a scientific reminder for the rest of the class. The way that you wrote how to solve HW Speed #2 can only frighten other students, not encourage them. You could also include more pictures and a little video to cheer up other people.
    After all, it was a great post and I really liked it. I hope that next time you do even better. Go ahead, Karin!

  8. Karin,
    Very well done post for the first person chosen to scribe. I liked how you talked about the triangle and formulas (speed, distance, and time). A suggestion would be to explain how the triangle method works for others who aren't in our science class. It was also good that you posted answers for Speed Practice 1 but you should have posted the link(s) to Moodle in case somebody was absent. Your use of grammar was good but more scientific evidence and explanations should be used. One more label had to be added saying "Scribe Post" as Nathan and Viktor both mentioned. I also liked the speed picture and how you bolded the part about next scribe. Overall it was a good post to start off scribing in science. Nice job, Karin!

  9. Oh! I remember all this! Unfortunately here they don't believe in the triangle because apparently no one can "remember" it. Anywho, I liked the post, but, while I understand it was a short block, you could've added an example of formula-plug chug. I don't seem to remember it....Just kidding Ms D!
    But it's a great job! First posts can be really hard! Good job!

  10. Hey Karin liked your post. The picture were nice and I loved the way that you use only one color purple .It was short and somebody that will came and look up wont understand really much. Because you tell the formula, plug, chug that we had to do but you didn't explain what that was. You could add also a definition of speed, time and distance.
    Good job!!.

  11. Hi Karin, I really liked your post. Although I think that you should also put the sheet that we did in class and that number 2 practice sheet that was for homework. I really liked your color and the picture. I also think that you should put a video or a link that helps you to learn the formula-plug-chug. Overall nice job on your first scribe post that you wrote in 7th grade.


  12. Hi Karin!
    Nice first post!I really liked your use of colors and your pictures. Though, I think that you could have talked a bit more about what we did in class, and maybe even put a link to youtube explaining in a detailed way how to do the working. For the homework, you could have put a link to moodle to help students see what we're doing in class. You also could have put a bit of more info on how to do the formula-plug-chug. I liked the fact that you continued reminding everyone to use the formula-plug-chug while reminding them to do their homework.
    Though, I really liked your post! Keep going like that!


  13. Karin - nice first post of the year and thanks for opting to write it! This second posting is a good improvement from the first version. Keep in mind you are still missing one label(tag) and I would like you to add the date of this class to the title of the piece. Nice use of one color and your font size is appropriate. I think you could have had more helpful links - Moodle is helpful, but there are tons of links on YouTube about this information or on-line sites that would help your readers understand even more. Good reference to Formula-Plug-Chug, but you never demonstrate it for the audience. Thank you for including the written word problems. More pictures would have spiced this post up as well. Overall, you have made some nice improvements and explain much of what we did clearly. I think you could have gone further with the science (definitions or showing one math problem in its entirety). Overall, nice first post of the year! ~Ms. D.