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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ping Pong, Tennis, and Soccer ball Lab

Tuesday, December 7th's Class

Hey everyone! In class on Tuesday, we started out by checking our previous homework, which was to graph the data for the Ping Pong, Tennis, and Soccer ball Lab! This consisted in drawing either one or three graphs with the data of the lab. After having Ms.D check our homework, we discussed on how to draw a curve line on our graph. These lines helped us to find out the outliers (outliers: points on a graph that have nothing to do with the other ones, and are proved wrong) . Here is a possible example of an outlier:

This graph is showing how fast some boys were running for 3200 meters. As you can see, there is a red line in the middle, which shows the average speed and the average time. All of the dots that are far from the line, are examples of outliers! Notice that some are on top of the line and some are under, showing how some boys took more time to travel the distance than others.

This is a picture of a dotted graph which is similar to the ones that we were working on in class. Even though this graph has the dots connected, we haven't connected them yet.

During the continuation of the class, Ms.D gave us our quizzes back, which we saw, but couldn't keep, since Tamara, Vale and Chiara haven't done them yet. Once we saw our grade, Ms.D gave us the rest of the class to finish the lab.

Here are the questions we worked on:

1) What was your speed for the ping pong ball? tennis ball? soccer ball?
2) What was the speed of the person behind you (down the hill) for the ping pong ball? tennis ball? soccer ball?
3) What was the speed of the person in front of you (up the hill) for the ping pong ball? tennis ball? soccer ball?
4) What is happening on your graph? Please use scientific vocabulary to explain this in a paragraph (5 sentences min)
5) If the hill went down and then back up and we rolled a soccer ball along the entire thing, what you expect the graph to look like and why?
6) What are some of the possible errors in this lab? (4 minimum)
6) In one sentence, explain the main concept of acceleration.
7) In one sentence, explain the difference between acceleration and deceleration.

Here is the link to moodle if you want to print the sheet out:

Here is an interesting website that explains what time is:

Here is a video talking about best fit lines and scatter plots...can you identify some outliers in the graphs this man is drawing??

Our only homework for Thursday is to finish the lab. REMEMBER to do your fourth blog comment for Friday, and 7th graders,keep in mind that by the end of the quarter, you will need to have made four comments to our class, and three comments to the 8th grade blog!!

The next Scribe is......drum roll......Tamara!!!!


  1. Hello,
    I would like to help you with your post. You should fix this as soon as possible. You have NO labels, which means you get no points. You explained almost everything except you didn't put any answers on the questions above, your homework paragraph is incorrect, you forgot to put all of the things we need to do. Your font color is nice. The date of the class is missing in your title. You made a few grammar and spelling mistakes. You forgot to put web site links, videos, pictures...
    You divided your post into paragraphs very nicely so it's easy to read. You put the picture into a very good spot so everyone can see it but you forgot to write the explanation under it.
    I like the way you wrote it but it still could be improved.
    Dave :-D

  2. Hi Davide! This is a great and detailed post, but as David said, you have no labels and only one picture, which doesn't make it as interesting. I liked that you included the questions that you discussed in class and I liked the picture with the outlier, which helped a lot, and the definition of an outlier is great! Some link to a video on YouTube would've been nice instead of just putting a link to Moodle, since that's what everyone else does. You have one or two grammatical errors, and you could have explained how you draw a curved line on the graph. Other than that, I like your font and that you put the homework section separately from the rest.

  3. Hi Davide! Your post is good! It is colorful, I mean, purpule, but... has only one picture and no links! Which makes it kind of boring. The easiest way to do the link is moodle or youtube! And (like Viktor said) you have a few grammatical errors. But it's not as bad as David said it is!!!
    Aaand, thanks for choosing me for the next Scribe!!!

  4. Hey Davide, this post covers what we did in class and what we have for homework. Just like the others said, and you dont have a title for your graph. You also don't have any lables, links or pictures, except for the graph. It is a good post but you should improve it for next time!

  5. Hi Davide, Overall great post! I liked the layout of the post and you also explained what an outlier is very nicely with the picture. You could have focused a bit more on the questions. Another thing is that you forgot to put labels on your post. Labels are very important, I was not sure who wrote the post, because it did not have labels. Nice post!

  6. Hi Davide!
    I like that your Blog is very organized. And you have also described and explained the statistics that you have used for people who might not understand them. You have working links too! :) very good and pretty rare to see. My favourite part is that the pictures are linked to. (I couldn't read them because they were too small, but the link puts them back on their original size. A really good Blog!

  7. Hi Davide!!
    I liked your post really much; because you put almost every thing we did in class. Nice picture, they shoed correctly the graph. You should capitalize the name of the ball that it, not you did a lot of grammar mustache like David sad. I really don't like your you-tube link about scatter plot you could find a better one, because it was boring but really boring and confusing you also mentioned that me, Tamara and Vale didn't rook the test. Really nice post and I think this is the best post of the 7th grade. Good job.

  8. Davide - you must be sure to thank the folks who commented on your post before it was graded, as I can see they helped you really improve it - especially including the labels. Keep in mind you should have a topic label, not "Tuesdays class", as that is too vague. You have used a great sized font, included some helpful links, and have given some nice explanations, but I am not sure a reader of this blog would understand what the focus of the lab and graphs were. You haven't really brought up acceleration and what we were doing with the ping pong, tennis and soccer balls. So not much of our science topic was discussed, which should have been the focus. Nice use of graphs, and I agree that its good you can click on them to see them bigger, but again, nothing about acceleration. Overall, nice work on this post, just make sure your focus in the future is on the topic we are covering. ~Ms. D.

  9. Hey Davide!
    Nice post, I liked that you put as your title what we did, not the day you are talking about, because many people forgot to do it! I also think it was good that you decided to write what we had to do for the previous homework because we went over it during class, I also liked the images you put because they fitted in with the rest, and you even remembered to put captions! I also like that you included picture, even though you should have added more of them. Also, you mainly only use two colors, which makes it less interesting, and the science isn’t really explanatory of what happened during the lab.
    Overall good post!

  10. Hi Davide,
    Overall, your post was well written and included the main points of the class, as well as adding sufficient outside links and the obligatory link to moodle. However, I think you could've described the science topics you covered in class more in depth so that someone who had not participated in the class could understand it.